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Month: August 2018

Play It Safe with a Post-Collisions Medical Checkup

Play It Safe with a Post-Accident Medical Checkup It’s not just significant, violent auto collisions that lead to injuries to drivers and passengers. Seemingly minor fender-benders can cause substantial damage, too. Injuries sustained from an auto crash might not be...

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Two Key Contributors to Nursing Home Falls

Two Key Contributors to Nursing Home Falls Falls are an ongoing, serious problem in our nation’s nursing homes. Residents tend to be older and frailer than senior citizens living in the general community, so it’s not a shock that their...

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Don’t Drink and Drive…or Operate Drones

Don't Drink and Drive or Operate a Drone Drones (a.k.a. uncrewed aerial vehicles) are becoming increasingly popular. They are flown recreationally; hobbyists use them for aerial photography; and they’re being utilized commercially for shipping/delivery of items, site inspections, weather tracking,...

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