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It’s the New Year, which means that everyone is getting back to work and back to their day-to-day business after a (hopefully) relaxing holiday season. With all the bustle of people resuming ... read more >>
Snow, blowing snow, sleet, and ice can make winter driving an adventure. Take the following precautions to more safely navigate the roadways. Avoid driving on bad weather days if possible, but if y... read more >>
Corradino & Papa, LLC, the Clifton-based personal injury law firm, has issued guidance on what it expects will be four of the biggest emerging personal law areas in the year 2019. These areas i... read more >>
Corradino & Papa, LLC Explains the Difference between Slip and Falls and Premise Liability Cases “Slip and fall” and “premise liability” are often used interchangeably – but incorrectly. These ... read more >>
PR: $500,000 Settlement for Trip and Fall on Raised Sidewalk Plaintiff tripped and fell on a raised sidewalk adjacent to a commercial property in downtown Newark, New Jersey and retained Corradino ... read more >>
Corradino & Papa, LLC Advises Cautin in Winter Car Accidents Corradino & Papa, LLC urges caution for all drivers this winter. According to the personal injury law firm, hundreds of American... read more >>
According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), over 350 highway deaths each year are attributable to wrong-way driving incidents, with the vast majority of them due to head-on collis... read more >>
Medical Malpractice and Early Hospital Discharge Sometimes a patient is discharged too early from the hospital, before they are medically stable enough to safely go home, and winds up having to ret... read more >>
Rebuilding Your Credit: Following Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Following Chapter 7 bankruptcy, your next challenge is rebuilding your credit. Look over your credit reports from the major credit-reporting b... read more >>
If you’ve been in a car accident, you likely experienced back and neck pain. Even insurance companies will agree, having your body thrashed around in a violent crash causes pain, stiffness, and oft... read more >>
A passenger van can accommodate 12–15 occupants an are frequently used by churches; airports; colleges; resorts; tour and travel agencies; and daycare and eldercare centers, among other organizatio... read more >>
Auto Accidents and Traumatic Brain Injuries About Traumatic Brain Injuries Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are responsible for the deaths of approximately 50,000 Americans each year and the hospital... read more >>
What To Do After a Dog Bite More Common Than You Think Over 800,000 Americans require medical attention for a dog bite each year. Dog owners are liable for damages caused by their pets, with the fo... read more >>
Assigning Fault in a Pedestrian Car Accident There are generally three parties who may be at responsible for a pedestrian car accident: the driver of the automobile, the pedestrian, and municipalit... read more >>
Early fall is a beautiful and exciting time as the weather cools off, the leaves change their colors, and the holiday festivities begin. Venturing out to the pumpkin patch or apple orchard to pick ... read more >>
Trucking Accidents vs. Car Accidents: How To Know Who Is At Fault If you have been in an accident or even had a close call with a large truck, you know how scary it can be – and how dangerous. Ever... read more >>
On October 31, children all over the country will set out on their trick-or-treating adventures wearing costumes and toting bags that will hopefully be bursting with treats by the end of the evenin... read more >>
Fall is an exciting time for sports fans. However, as personal injury firm Corradino & Papa advises, the risk of personal injury at a sporting game is significant. Understand your risk so you c... read more >>
Can Texting While Driving Affect My Claim? Did you know that more than half of all vehicle accidents in the US involve cell phones? Every day, thousands of people are involved in fatal collisions o... read more >>
What To Do if Your Child Is Involved in a Bus Accident The school bus is the safest possible way for your child to get to school. School buses are designed to be safer than other vehicles and are h... read more >>
Summer Truck Accidents: What To Look Out For When Something Goes Wrong It may seem that winter is the most dangerous time to drive, the fact is that summer can be even more so. Winter in some areas... read more >>
A Sporting Chance Injury to a spectator at a professional sporting event is not all that uncommon. For some injuries, the legal doctrine of “assumption of risk” kicks in. For instance, anyone atten... read more >>
Child Injuries and School Liability According to a North Carolina Department of Insurance study, over 3.5 million child injuries occur on school grounds or during school-related activities each yea... read more >>
Play It Safe with a Post-Accident Medical Checkup It’s not just significant, violent auto collisions that lead to injuries to drivers and passengers. Seemingly minor fender-benders can cause substa... read more >>
Two Key Contributors to Nursing Home Falls Falls are an ongoing, serious problem in our nation’s nursing homes. Residents tend to be older and frailer than senior citizens living in the general com... read more >>
Don’t Drink and Drive or Operate a Drone Drones (a.k.a. uncrewed aerial vehicles) are becoming increasingly popular. They are flown recreationally; hobbyists use them for aerial photography; ... read more >>
Bicycling Season in Full Swing With the end of summer, many parts of the country see a surge in bicyclists hitting the roadways. That also means a rise in bicycle collisions with cars and trucks. B... read more >>
Auto Accidents Victims — Never Go It Alone If you are the victim of a negligent driver and sustain significant injuries and damages, it’s always a good idea to hire an auto accident attorney—... read more >>
Sometimes divorce litigation in the courtroom is the only option for a divorcing couple, especially if there are matters of serious disagreement – if hostility and strong distrust exist between the... read more >>
Small dashboard cameras that record footage in front of the car and inside the car are garnering acclaim from U.S. drivers for a variety of reasons. A dash cam can sometimes clearly show who was at... read more >>
Dangerous tractor-trailer rollover accidents—which occur when a truck flips over while moving—are frighteningly common on our nation’s roadways. Because the wheels have left the ground, the vehicle... read more >>
According to the National Weather Service, heat is the number one weather-related killer in the United States, and it results in hundreds of deaths each year. Surprisingly, excessive heat claims mo... read more >>
Summer is a busy celebration season. Graduation parties, cookouts, and pool parties dot the landscapes of many people’s social calendars. If alcohol is being served, the hosts of these gatherings s... read more >>
Healthcare costs continue to rise by leaps and bounds, but opportunities to save hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars each year do exist. For starters, consider the following: Avoid the emergen... read more >>
Eighty percent of beach rescues performed by lifeguards result from swimmers getting caught in rip currents. Rip currents are powerful, channeled currents of water that flow away from the shore, ba... read more >>
CLIFTON, NJ – Personal injury law firm, Corradino & Papa recently presented the Boys & Girls Club of Clifton with $100,000 for the purchase of two new school buses. The money was donated at... read more >>
Corradino & Papa, LLC Donate Two New Buses To Boys & Girls Club of Clifton CLIFTON, NJ – The law firm of Corradino & Papa, LLC will provide $100,000 for the purchase of two new buses th... read more >>
Four Types of Road Accidents to Avoid this Summer Summer is rapidly approaching and with it comes the inevitable rise in the number of accidents people experience. These accidents include motor veh... read more >>
CLIFTON, NJ — Robert C. Papa Jr. has been officially certified as a Civil Trial Attorney by the Supreme Court of New Jersey. In doing so, Mr. Papa follows in the footsteps of colleagues Jack ... read more >>
Personal Injury Firm Explains the Difference Between Filing For A Car Accident vs. a Truck Accident For those not immersed in the world of legal liability, understanding the difference between a ca... read more >>
Road Construction Zone Danger Cuts Both Ways Each year, hundreds of road construction workers across the country are killed in work zones due to traffic incidents. One of the top causes is drivers ... read more >>
Serious Skin Conditions and SSDI If you are suffering from a debilitating skin disorder that is preventing you from working, you may be eligible to receive disability benefits through the Social Se... read more >>
So, What’s My Injury Case Really Worth? The value of a personal injury case that goes to trial is determined by the jury. They are given evidence to evaluate and a list of items they may take... read more >>
Reckless Driving Is a Huge Deal Many people are under the impression that a charge of reckless driving is just one traffic citation among many. Not true. Many states consider reckless driving to be... read more >>
“If I File For Bankruptcy, Can I Keep My Car?” To determine if Chapter 7 is right for your situation, your attorney will need to review your financial information and your situation. Ch... read more >>
Report Minor Accidents to Your Insurance Company Contractually speaking, nearly all auto insurance companies require a driver to report an accident they’re involved in, no matter how “minor.” Howev... read more >>
Disability Benefits for Wounded Warriors There are millions of brave men and women who serve our country, protecting our freedoms, our values and our very way of life. Our law firm and all of our a... read more >>
Personal Injury Firm Explains the Difference Between Wrongful Death and Medical Malpractice Cases? Wrongful death and medical malpractice cases can be difficult to deal with—especially when a perso... read more >>
What You Should Know About PIP Arbitration Cases If you are a resident of New Jersey who has found yourself in an auto accident, it is imperative that you have a thorough understanding of the PIP a... read more >>
Trucking Accidents vs Car Accidents Trucks are invaluable engines of the US economy. The transport and distribution of goods across the country is heavily reliant on trucks. One cannot underestimat... read more >>
Construction Accident Injuries: One of the Most Dangerous Industries in the US As the construction industry continues to boom, the rates of accidents, injuries, and deaths are increasing. The const... read more >>
What You Should Know About Slip and Fall Injuries It’s that time of year again, when inclement weather conditions can result in dangerously slippery surfaces. Slip and fall injuries can be devastat... read more >>
Workplace Injuries: Not “Just A Part Of The Job” November 30, 2017 Workplace injuries are all too common in many industries today. Often times, workplace injuries are unpredictable and sudden, resu... read more >>
The Million Dollar Difference Between Uber Car Accidents And Regular Car Accidents November 30, 2017 Everytime we get behind the wheel, there’s a risk of getting into a car accident. The more you d... read more >>
  Corradino & Papa, LLC donates 25 Turkeys to the Boys & Girls Club November 30, 2017 Corradino & Papa, LLC, a personal injury law firm in Clifton, NJ, has given away twenty-five T... read more >>
A team of personal injury lawyers in New Jersey (NJ) recently achieved an impressive $1.3 million recovery for their client who was rear ended sitting in traffic at a red light. The law firm Corra... read more >>
A leading team of personal injury lawyers in New Jersey has recovered millions of dollars for a number of their clients. The efficiency and success rate of the NJ personal injury lawyers at Corradi... read more >>
What would be the first thing that goes through your mind after being subjected to gross negligence or misconduct causing a personal injury? Confusion? Fear? Pain? For many of us, it may be a co... read more >>