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Your Biggest Accident Could Be Your Choice Of Attorney!


Timothy J. Fonseca Achieves Civil Trial Designation Timothy J. Fonseca has been officially certified as a Civil Trial Attorney by the Supreme Court of New Jersey. In doing so, Mr. Fonseca follows i... read more >>
Sadly, car accidents are an everyday occurrence. In fact, more than two million people sustain injuries resulting from road accidents per year. In most cases, vehicle collisions only result in dama... read more >>
In the moments following a car crash, most drivers feel shaken up. Nevertheless, as Corradino & Papa explains, they need to act swiftly regarding claiming, making police reports, and potentiall... read more >>
Corradino & Papa has openly stated that doctors, sometimes unwittingly and sometimes for profit, have contributed to the widespread opioid epidemic that has swept throughout the US and New Jers... read more >>
Accidents involving vehicles are far from rare. They happen every day, and while most result in minor damage to the cars involved, others cause injuries and even fatalities. Sometimes, accidents oc... read more >>
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