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Community Service

One of the core principles and mission is for Corradino and Papa to help and serve our community. That’s why for years we have been involved in multiple charity and donations.  Just recently Corradino and Papa purchased for the Clifton Boys and Girls Club 2 brand new buses so they can transport the children in safer manner.

In addition, we are proud participants in Clifton, NJ’s “Clean Communities Program”, where we are responsible for keeping portions of our community clean and safe.

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Starting in 2015 Corradino and Papa had begun a scholarship program awarding $10,000 to individuals that have shown the same type of values such as honesty, trustworthy that is the foundation of our firm.


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If you live in the area you will see the multiple signs in and around the Passaic County area in which we help keep clean and beautiful for the community.

Just in time for Christmas, the law firm of Corradino & Papa, teamed up with the Boys & Girls Club of Clifton to distribute 25 turkeys to families in the School 17 and 11 neighborhoods.

Tukeys with Everyone

Turkeys Boys&Girls Club

Turkeys Mom&Jack