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Sometimes divorce litigation in the courtroom is the only option for a divorcing couple, especially if there are matters of serious disagreement – if hostility and strong distrust exist between the... read more >>
Small dashboard cameras that record footage in front of the car and inside the car are garnering acclaim from U.S. drivers for a variety of reasons. A dash cam can sometimes clearly show who was at... read more >>
Dangerous tractor-trailer rollover accidents—which occur when a truck flips over while moving—are frighteningly common on our nation’s roadways. Because the wheels have left the ground, the vehicle... read more >>
According to the National Weather Service, heat is the number one weather-related killer in the United States, and it results in hundreds of deaths each year. Surprisingly, excessive heat claims mo... read more >>
Summer is a busy celebration season. Graduation parties, cookouts, and pool parties dot the landscapes of many people’s social calendars. If alcohol is being served, the hosts of these gatherings s... read more >>
Healthcare costs continue to rise by leaps and bounds, but opportunities to save hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars each year do exist. For starters, consider the following: Avoid the emergen... read more >>
Eighty percent of beach rescues performed by lifeguards result from swimmers getting caught in rip currents. Rip currents are powerful, channeled currents of water that flow away from the shore, ba... read more >>
CLIFTON, NJ – Personal injury law firm, Corradino & Papa recently presented the Boys & Girls Club of Clifton with $100,000 for the purchase of two new school buses. The money was donated at... read more >>
Corradino & Papa, LLC Donate Two New Buses To Boys & Girls Club of Clifton CLIFTON, NJ – The law firm of Corradino & Papa, LLC will provide $100,000 for the purchase of two new buses th... read more >>
Four Types of Road Accidents to Avoid this Summer Summer is rapidly approaching and with it comes the inevitable rise in the number of accidents people experience. These accidents include motor veh... read more >>