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CLIFTON, NJ — Robert C. Papa Jr. has been officially certified as a Civil Trial Attorney by the Supreme Court of New Jersey. In doing so, Mr. Papa follows in the footsteps of colleagues Jack ... read more >>
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So, What’s My Injury Case Really Worth? The value of a personal injury case that goes to trial is determined by the jury. They are given evidence to evaluate and a list of items they may take... read more >>
Reckless Driving Is a Huge Deal Many people are under the impression that a charge of reckless driving is just one traffic citation among many. Not true. Many states consider reckless driving to be... read more >>
“If I File For Bankruptcy, Can I Keep My Car?” To determine if Chapter 7 is right for your situation, your attorney will need to review your financial information and your situation. Ch... read more >>
Report Minor Accidents to Your Insurance Company Contractually speaking, nearly all auto insurance companies require a driver to report an accident they’re involved in, no matter how “minor.” Howev... read more >>
Disability Benefits for Wounded Warriors There are millions of brave men and women who serve our country, protecting our freedoms, our values and our very way of life. Our law firm and all of our a... read more >>
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