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A Sporting Chance Injury to a spectator at a professional sporting event is not all that uncommon. For some injuries, the legal doctrine of “assumption of risk” kicks in. For instance, anyone atten... read more >>
Child Injuries and School Liability According to a North Carolina Department of Insurance study, over 3.5 million child injuries occur on school grounds or during school-related activities each yea... read more >>
Play It Safe with a Post-Accident Medical Checkup It’s not just significant, violent auto collisions that lead to injuries to drivers and passengers. Seemingly minor fender-benders can cause substa... read more >>
Two Key Contributors to Nursing Home Falls Falls are an ongoing, serious problem in our nation’s nursing homes. Residents tend to be older and frailer than senior citizens living in the general com... read more >>
Don’t Drink and Drive or Operate a Drone Drones (a.k.a. uncrewed aerial vehicles) are becoming increasingly popular. They are flown recreationally; hobbyists use them for aerial photography; ... read more >>
Bicycling Season in Full Swing With the end of summer, many parts of the country see a surge in bicyclists hitting the roadways. That also means a rise in bicycle collisions with cars and trucks. B... read more >>
Auto Accidents Victims — Never Go It Alone If you are the victim of a negligent driver and sustain significant injuries and damages, it’s always a good idea to hire an auto accident attorney—... read more >>
Sometimes divorce litigation in the courtroom is the only option for a divorcing couple, especially if there are matters of serious disagreement – if hostility and strong distrust exist between the... read more >>
Small dashboard cameras that record footage in front of the car and inside the car are garnering acclaim from U.S. drivers for a variety of reasons. A dash cam can sometimes clearly show who was at... read more >>
Dangerous tractor-trailer rollover accidents—which occur when a truck flips over while moving—are frighteningly common on our nation’s roadways. Because the wheels have left the ground, the vehicle... read more >>