Summer Truck Accidents: What To Look Out For

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Summer Truck Accidents: What To Look Out For When Something Goes Wrong

Summer Truck Accidents: What To Look Out For When Something Goes Wrong

It may seem that winter is the most dangerous time to drive, the fact is that summer can be even more so. Winter in some areas means ice and snow – but summertime means more and different types of extreme weather including extreme heat, storms, and other natural disasters. You may breathe a sigh of relief when the last of the winter snow melts – but don’t let your guard down. For one thing, milder weather means more people on the road, including truckers. That means that it’s particularly important to stay alert and be cautious, especially when driving at higher speeds. Here are some other reasons summer is the time when you’re most likely to get into a crash with a truck.

Tire pressure

You are probably aware that the season can affect the amount of air pressure in tires. Most cars have just four tires – but semis have a whopping 18, which means a much higher risk that something could go wrong. If a truck owner or driver doesn’t maintain the tire pressure properly, a severe accident could be the result. As tires become warm while driving, high summer temperatures can wreak havoc on its structural stability. Blowouts are frequent, and dangerous in more than one way. First, a truck driver could lose control of the truck after a blowout; also, debris on the road presents a hazard to you and all other drivers.

Stronger winds

If a gust of wind is strong enough, it could force a truck to roll over. Even mild wind can cause a truck to sway, swerve, or jackknife. Wind affects larger vehicles more than small ones. If you find yourself driving next to a truck, give them plenty of room in case the wind influences the control the driver has over the vehicle.

Physical health and fatigue

In many places, summers can get extremely hot. This heat can lead to dehydration, and dehydrated drivers are a hazard on the road. When dehydration combines with sleep deprivation and hunger, it’s a recipe for a catastrophic accident. Truck drivers must make sure that their air conditioning is working correctly and that they drink enough water and wear season-appropriate clothing that keeps them cool and comfortable. They should also follow guidelines for how much sleep they need to avoid this dangerous combination of exhaustion and heat.

More drivers on the road

As mentioned above, there are more drivers on the road during the warmer months because people are vacationing – and more drivers simply mean more danger. Furthermore, many of these extra drivers are inexperienced, as teenagers tend to spend more time driving when school is out. Pair this with the uptick in highway work zones, and it’s easy to see why summertime driving is more challenging – and potentially more dangerous.

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