Prolonged Recovery from a Car Accident

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Prolonged Recovery From Your Car Accident

If you’ve been in a car accident, you likely experienced back and neck pain. Even insurance companies will agree, having your body thrashed around in a violent crash causes pain, stiffness, and often requires some medical treatment.

However, if you’re experiencing a prolonged recovery, insurance companies are quick to deny your treatment. Generally, they will first argue that your prolonged treatment wasn’t necessary and that you are malingering (a fancy way to say that you’re faking it).

Next, they may claim that you had some type of pre-existing issue that is really the cause of the pain. Remember that back twinge you had three years ago while helping your brother move? Well, if you got some physical therapy for it, the insurance will claim that’s really why you got all of that treatment after your accident.

If for some reason you had delayed receiving care after your accident, the insurance company will also argue that the treatment simply was unrelated to the accident. For example, if you didn’t go to the ER after your accident because you didn’t have health insurance, that may be held against you.

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