Five Ways to Stay Safe This Halloween

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Five Ways to Stay Safe This Halloween

On October 31, children all over the country will set out on their trick-or-treating adventures wearing costumes and toting bags that will hopefully be bursting with treats by the end of the evening. Although the fears associated with Halloween tend to be of the supernatural variety, there are some real dangers you should look out for to keep yourself and your kids safe. Enjoy the holiday and stay injury-free with these tips.

Keep Costumes Safe

The costume is, for many people, the most important element of Halloween. Putting together the perfect costume is lots of fun–but whether your child’s (or your) costume is scary, funny, or cute, make sure it’s safe. Costume materials should be fire-resistant and fit properly. If a costume is too long, trim the bottom to avoid tripping. Face paint is safer than masks, as masks limit visibility. Make sure props such as swords are not too long or sharp.

Practice Trick-or-Treating Safety

First and foremost, children should never go trick-or-treating alone; one or more adults should escort a group of kids as they go door to door. Children should avoid walking between parked cars or in the street. Try to stay in well-lit locations and stay with the group at all times. Also, make sure your children know never to go inside a stranger’s home or vehicle, and not to eat candy until they’ve returned home and you’ve had a chance to inspect it. 

Inspect Candy Carefully

When you do inspect your child’s candy, make sure it is sealed in the original packaging and has not been opened. Discard anything that appears suspicious or unsafe in any way. Look for choking hazards as well. It’s a good idea to ration candy over several days instead of allowing your child to eat it all at once to avoid illness.

Avoid Open Flames

Candles add spooky flair to your Halloween décor, but they also present a real danger. If you do use candles, make sure that they are not located anywhere they can come into contact with children or their costumes, which are often flammable. If you place a candle inside a jack-o-lantern, be sure that you put the jack-o-lantern in a safe place where children cannot trip on it or brush against it.

Never Drink and Drive

Children aren’t the only ones who live it up on Halloween. Many adults enjoy big parties and celebrations, and many of these involve alcohol. Drinking and driving present many dangers–to yourself and to others. From financial consequences to the risk of injuring or even killing yourself or innocent bystanders, the risks are numerous and very serious. Designate a driver or plan to call a service such as Uber or Lyft at the end of the night.

If you or a family member become injured this Halloween, seek medical attention first. If you can safely do so, take pictures of the scene and collect contact information from any witnesses. Then, contact Corradino & Papa for advice. We hope you have a happy, healthy, and safe Halloween!