Five Mistakes People Make When Filing a Car Accident Claim

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Five Mistakes People Make When Filing a Car Accident Claim

Five Mistakes People Make When Filing a Car Accident Claim

Every day, on roads across America, thousands of drivers will end up in accidental collisions. Some are minor, some are serious, and unfortunately, a significant number are even fatal. The costs incurred through property damage and medical bills can be very burdensome for drivers involved in an accident. That is why successful insurance claims and, where applicable, legal claims are so crucial for recouping your losses.

Many factors can influence the success of your car accident claim. After an accident, it can be challenging to focus on doing things that make it simpler to seek compensation. However, take care to avoid the following common mistakes that can negatively impact any car accident claim you may choose to pursue.

Discussing the Car Accident Claim in a Public Forum

Nearly all of us use some form of social media today, so much so that posting about your day can be second nature. When you’ve been in an accident, though, strive to limit the amount of time you spend talking about it anywhere publicly online. You could mistakenly say or post something that impacts the future viability of your claim, and these posts are regularly considered in today’s cases.

Failing to Provide Enough Evidence

It’s important to be able to back up your claim with evidence, whether it’s damage to your vehicle or an injury you suffered. Photographs, medical bills, doctor’s records, auto repair paperwork — there are many kinds of evidence that you may need to present to bolster your case. Don’ make the mistake of failing to gather the evidence you need.

Waiting Too Long to See a Doctor or File a Claim

There are often strict time limits in place for filing a claim, and it is important to move swiftly to meet your obligations. At the same time, the validity of your claim in the wake of an injury can seem weaker if you did not seek medical attention immediately. The assumption is that if there was an injury, it was not so severe as to warrant compensation. Even if you do not feel outwardly hurt, take care to speak with a doctor.

Signing Documents Without Considering What They Say

Your insurance company may advise you that you must sign any number of documents after filing a serious claim. Do not sign anything without the consent of a car accident lawyer first. You may open yourself up to investigations that impact your claim.

Accepting an Early Settlement Offer

Third-party individuals and insurance companies often want to resolve claims as quickly as possible. If someone wants to negotiate without legal representation, you may receive a settlement offer quickly — but it is likely far less than you may be entitled to under the law. Never accept a settlement without first considering the offer with an attorney.

If you’ve been in an accident, especially one involving injuries, it’s essential to speak to a car accident lawyer as soon as possible. At Corradino & Papa, LLC, we can assist you in evaluating your claim, assembling evidence, and presenting your case. Contact us to arrange for a consultation at your earliest convenience.