Product Liability Lawyer New Jersey

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Product Liability

Product Liability Lawyer New Jersey

Have you been injured when properly using a product? Poorly-designed products cause many accidents and injuries throughout New Jersey every day, and you may have grounds for a successful product liability claim. The consumer protection laws of New Jersey are complicated, and there may be compounding factors in your case that make it even murkier to determine responsibility. Fortunately, the product liability lawyers at Corradino and Papa, LLC can pierce through the confusion to figure out whether you have a claim.

Once you’ve had a chance to speak to one of our attorneys, we’ll assemble a case for you. Each claim is unique, so yours depends on the specific circumstances of your case. Were you using the product as instructed? Was the accident something that would happen to a reasonable person? We’ll answer these questions to determine your eligibility, the potential damages, and how to present your case.

Examining Your Eligibility

The New Jersey Product Liability Act, NJSA 2A:58C, is the controlling statute in these instances. Your case depends on several factors to determine both eligibility and the responsible legal party:

  • Defectiveness – Was the product working as designed? If not, then you may have grounds due to faulty manufacturing; if so, then the design could be the problem. In either case, we can pursue it from the appropriate angle.
  • Responsibility – With defects, we must show that the defect occurred before you acquired the product. Companies are generally not responsible for incorrect product use that results in damage.
  • Injury – It’s not enough to show that you could have been harmed. We’re obliged to prove that the product physically damaged you or other property that you own; caused illness or death; caused pain, suffering, mental anguish, or emotional harm; or negatively impacted an agreement you had with a service provider or contracted partner.
  • Intended User – Additionally, we need to show that it was reasonable to expect that you could use this product. The manufacturer might not be responsible for actual damages if you were not someone who would reasonably use the product.

Each aspect is one component of eligibility. Taken together, we can form a strong case against the appropriate party. Due to these conditions, however, there are ways that a company may absolve themselves of legal responsibility. If any of the following is correct, there may not be grounds for your claim:

  • Product Misuse – Since the manufacturer could not intend that you incorrectly use the product, this is a strong ground for legal defense. If they neglected to include instructions, you might still have grounds even if you didn’t use the product correctly.
  • Alteration – The manufacturer cannot account for changes that you may make after purchase. If you modify a product that subsequently causes harm, the company is likely to free of any responsibility.
  • Unavoidably Unsafe – Any product that necessarily may cause side effects when used correctly and cannot be made another way is generally exempt from product liability. This clause protects pharmaceutical companies and others who create useful products that necessarily have a risk of harm.
  • Adequate Warning – If the company provided a warning or instructions regarding the specific actions you took that caused harm, then they are exempt from responsibility.

We cannot determine how viable your claim is until you speak with us, so we encourage you to contact us for a free consultation today. We’ll review the basics to determine your eligibility before proceeding.

What Product Liability Means To You

We believe that everyone should be able to live their lives safely and use products as intended without harm. If a faulty product has harmed you, it can have a real impact on how you live your life. You may lose a source of income, suffer irreparable harm, or miss out on life experiences that you should get to enjoy. If these things happen to you, then you are entitled to compensation to at least mitigate the damage.

The compensation that you can expect from a product liability case depends on the type of harm that the product caused. Regular expenses such as medical bills and replacing damaged property are straightforward. It’s more challenging to determine the value of emotional suffering and lost associations due to the damage. If you miss work, we must also push for costs based on the income that you would have made during that time. Combined, these damages may be substantial, sometimes exceeding millions of dollars. How can you determine the real value of the loss the product has caused?

Even if it’s clear to you that someone is responsible for the accident, you may lack the resources and legal knowledge to pursue that claim. Ultimately, product liability represents an opportunity to protect your interests and financial wellbeing against someone else’s failings that harmed you. Let an experienced, licensed law firm help you.

Speak with a Product Liability Lawyer Today

If you’ve been injured due to product design defects and a lack of proper warning, we can help you get the compensation you are due. Contact us for a free consultation and speak with an experienced lawyer who can help you today. We have a large team of lawyers who focus on personal injury claims and know how to represent clients both in and out of court to maximize the odds that you get the money that your claim warrants.

We also help you avoid the risks, until your case resolves, that come from starting what could be a lengthy legal process. You don’t have to pay a cent from your initial compensation to the end of the trial. You only have to pay us when you win, so if we don’t succeed with your case, you don’t lose anything else. When you hire Corradino and Papa, LLC to represent you, the only thing you have to do is rest up and get better – we’ll handle the rest.