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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents Lawyer In New Jersey

Accidents on the road can happen with no warning and in the blink of an eye — with potentially long-lasting consequences. For motorcycle riders, accidents are of much higher concern than they are for drivers of cars and trucks. Even with the proper protective gear, involvement in an accident while on your bike can lead to severe and life-changing injuries. Unfortunately, all too often, it is the case that other drivers do not create a safe space on the road for motorcyclists. More than 80,000 motorcycle injuries occur every year. If you were to become a part of this unfortunate statistic, would you be able to seek recourse through legal means? If the driver(s) who struck you or caused you to crash were negligent or intoxicated, you may have a right to seek compensation.

At Corradino & Papa, LLC, in New Jersey, our goal is to provide motorcycle enthusiasts with an easily accessible option for the experienced legal insight you need in the wake of an accident. Knowing that recovery can be difficult, and your medical bills may be substantial, our team provides a stress-free legal resource for investigating your claim and, if applicable, filing suit and proceeding to court as necessary. Whether the driver’s insurer won’t play ball, or you feel you are entitled to further compensation, we will explore the remedies available to you in-depth.

We operate under a “no recovery, no fee” structure, which means that you do not owe any legal fees if we are unable to make a recovery in your case. You only pay us when we win a victory for you in court or in a settlement. Combined with transparent communication and friendly professionals, and it is easy to see that Corradino & Papa is a valuable ally for any motorcyclist.

Understanding your rights in these situations is crucial for making smart decisions about what to do next. We believe developing an understanding of when and how you can make legal claims is an excellent place to begin.

When Can You Make Such Legal Claims?

To be able to seek to recover damages from an individual involved in an accident with you while you were riding a motorcycle, the most critical fact to establish is a liability. In other words, you must be able to clearly show that the other party involved caused the accident and/or your injuries as a result of their negligent actions. In some cases, this can be very difficult. In others, it is cut and dry.

For example, if a drunk driver strikes you and subsequently faces arrest and prosecution, it is easy to demonstrate negligence. There will be police reports and data corroborating the individual’s blood alcohol content which you can use to show that their actions led to your current situation. In other cases, negligence may take on another form. It may occur on the part of the driver — such as driving too fast for wet road conditions or texting while driving.

Sometimes, it may be the negligent vehicle owner, rather than the actual driver. Consider one such scenario: an individual loans their vehicle to an unlicensed friend for the day. While driving, the friend causes a motorcycle accident with injuries. The owner of the vehicle may be negligent for providing the driver with the keys. In each of these scenarios, determining the facts and establishing a breach of duty can pose challenges difficult for the average person to navigate. With Corradino & Papa, you can leave that stress in someone else’s hands.

Why Your Choice of Attorney Matters After an Accident

It’s a simple fact: letters that arrive on legal letterhead tend to garner more anticipation than phone calls and demands made by the average person. After a severe motorcycle accident, sorting out the details with the other party’s insurance company can be a nightmare, all while you must contend with the consequences of the crash. Why put that frustration on your shoulders when we could lift that burden for you instead?

The right attorney not only helps you to gather the facts of your case but also lays out the strategy for recovering damages and handles all the necessary communications and filings. All you need to do is provide the facts as you know them, furnish documents as requested, and otherwise focus on healing and recovery. We’ll gladly do the rest.

The Benefits of Pursuing These Legal Remedies

With a track record that includes millions in successful recoveries, we’re well aware of how our clients can benefit from a settlement or a judgment in their favor. Do you know what you’re potentially entitled to in these claims? Our goal is to help you receive compensation that can assist with:

  • Paying medical bills
  • Arranging for physical or occupational therapy
  • Making up for lost wages or a future ability to earn income

There is no reason you should be left unable to recover financially in the wake of an accident that was someone else’s fault. Whether you need to seek damages from an insurer or the negligent party itself, Corradino and Papa are here to help you forge a path towards a more positive outcome. While we cannot guarantee results, in any case, we always put in the work necessary to ensure you have the highest chances of success.

Finding the Assitance, You Need

The difficulties you face following a motorcycle accident can seem impossible to navigate, but the reality is different. When the negligence of others put you into this situation, they (or their insurers) should be held responsible for the costs of care and perhaps even other damages. With Corradino & Papa working on your case, you can focus on your recovery while we focus on the legal kind instead. Remember, we protect your financial well-being while pursuing a legal case with our “no recovery, no fee” policy.

When you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. Contact us online or call us at 973.510.0875. Your initial consultation with our motorcycle injury lawyers is completely free and carries no obligation.