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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents Lawyer In New Jersey

Motorcycle accidents can happen to nearly anyone who straps on a helmet and throws on a leather jacket. Almost 5,000 people die in motorcycle accidents each year, and 88,000 motorcyclists are injured. Whether a minor accident or catastrophic collision, our clients count on us to advocate for them during their time of need. You can count on us to receive the settlement you deserve.

Large commercial trucks, normal cars and various types of other vehicles can expose motorcycle drivers to tremendous risks. Failure to take necessary care of these vehicles can also result in catastrophic accidents involving unsuspecting motorcycle enthusiasts. At Corradino & Papa, LLC, we have the expertise to deal with the following cases:

  • Accidents due to drunk driving
  • Negligence on part of the vehicle owner
  • Negligence on part of the vehicle driver

No person should have to suffer an injury from a motorcycle accident due to the recklessness or negligence of the other party. With a successful lawsuit, you could recover and get compensated for all damages and losses sustained in a motorcycle accident.

We implore you to consult with one of our well-experienced motorcycle accident attorneys. We can help you deal with the frustrations that arise from dealing with insurance companies and the party at fault in a collision.

At Corradino & Papa, LLC, our team of legal experts is comprised of highly dedicated lawyers who are skilled at handling motorcycle accident cases. We have achieved millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts on our clients’ behalf. We have complete confidence in our ability to provide you the resources you deserve.