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michael r. sucic


We are pleased to announce that Michael R. Sucic is now a partner of the firm.

Mr. Michael Sucic focuses his practice on no-fault PIP arbitrations and became a partner of Corradino & Papa in 2018. He has spent over 10 years successfully making sure our clients had their medical bills paid by their auto insurance in a timely manner. Mike also represents all types of medical providers and facilities from (Chiropractors, Spinal Surgeons, MRI Facilities & Surgical Centers). Mike & his staff have an excellent reputation obtaining quick and substantial payments from auto insurance for needed medical treatment.

Mr. Sucic attended Villanova University for his undergraduate studies and Seton Hall Law for his Juris Doctorate. Prior to joining Corradino & Papa, Michael worked for the former Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers President, Maria D. Noto, Esq.

PIP Arbitration Lawyer New Jersey

Personal injury protection (PIP) can be very confusing, frustrating, and quite expensive in New Jersey. It can be twice as difficult for health care providers trying to get full payment from insurers. This frustrating and time-consuming process is one of the reasons why Corradino and Papa, LLC should be your top choice, because we make your frustration our business. We can help you through this highly complex system without charging you a fee. Corradino and Papa, LLC can assist medical practitioners for the services which they have provided patients under the “no-fault auto insurance laws” of New Jersey via the arbitration process.
Personal injury protection (PIP) is basically a collection of insurance benefits which include, but are not limited to, income continuation entitlements, funeral entitlements, death entitlements, medical expense entitlements, and essential service entitlements. Examples of medical expense benefits include medical, hospital, and allied expenditures made for the treatment of injuries.
PIP Arbitrations in New Jersey, are those mechanisms which are put together by the Department of Insurance of New Jersey to help resolve any disputes arising between the insurance companies and the medical providers. Medical providers who handle automobile accident victims are entitled to have all bills paid pursuant to their customary, reasonable rate or, alternatively, the New Jersey PIP Fee Schedule. The majority of medical treatments must be pre-certified by the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurer in order to be payable without any resolution dispute. Should the insurer deny payment after a precertification request has been made, it would still be paid in as much as it is found that the treatment was medically necessary.
With cases involving automobile insurance, let us stress that failure to precertify cases could lead to a fifty percent penalty, even in cases or situations whereby the treatment is medically relevant. All the billings must be submitted according to CPT – “Current Procedure Terminology Codes” aka Automobile Medical Fee Schedule.
Following the submission of a bill to the entity handling the insurance service, the latter would then make arrangements for payment and they would provide you with an EOB (Explanation of Benefits) letter. If on the other hand, payment is still denied, then arbitration would be required in order to compel payment. Corradino and Papa, LLC provides constant communication with medical service providers, keeping them frequently updated with the status of their arbitration cases.

Additionally, Corradino and Papa, LLC would review your files to ensure that all the necessary documentation is being provided increasing the likelihood of success. The provider would not be charged any fee(s) for the legal services of the firm. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, or to arrange for a FREE CONSULTATION.