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Product Liability

Product Liability Lawyer New Jersey

The sheer fact that a faulty product does not meet your demands, is not as life threatening as it having adverse effects on your health. The fall-out could be long-lasting and quite painful. To make sure you’re given due compensation for the damages caused by such a product, you must familiarize yourself with the consumer protection laws of the state of New Jersey. Have you ever been a victim of a defective product? Or do you know someone that has been a victim? Then it is about time you meet one of our highly experienced product liability lawyers at Corradino and Papa, LLC, for a legal consultation. Don’t worry, it’s FREE.

What is Product Liability?

Product liability is that aspect of law which deals with liability caused by of the manufacturer, the wholesaler, or the retailer of a product which predisposed you to harm or injury. The maker of the product components, those who did the assembling, the store where the product was stored, another seller of the product, and/or even most probably the other parties in charge of the distribution chain could also be held liable for a Product Liability. Of course, you may file a claim of product liability even if you were not the purchaser of the product.

Product Liability Claims

Before the claim for a product liability can be considered substantial, certain circumstances are proven. These instances more often than not have to do with the general design defects, the manufacturing defects, as well as “failure-to-warn” marketing defects. Manufacturing defects are considered those defects which take place in the course of product manufacturing.

These defects cannot be unlinked to inbuilt useless or dangerous designs. Also, Design defects are likewise linked to inbuilt useless or dangerous designs, while marketing defects include those kinds of defects which customers are oblivious of as a result of inadequate warning of possible — though not readily apparent — dangerous product’ components.

Have you sustained any injury as a result of product liability? At Corradino and Papa, LLC. our product liability lawyers have categorical experience in handling cases involving product liability. We go a step further when it comes to digging deep into the likely causes of your accident in order for you to receive the full compensation for any pain and/or suffering which a defective product might have caused you.

Product Liability Legal Representation

Our services at Corradino and Papa, LLC. exceeds simply ensuring that you get full compensation for your injuries. At Corradino and Papa, LLC. we will also ensure that you receive the appropriate specialist medical attention for your injuries and will also work with the medical specialist to make sure that payment for his or her services is regulated till your case has been completed by trial or settlement.

So, if you or a person whom you know has sustained an injury following a defective product, do not waste any time in contacting a New Jersey product liability lawyer at Corradino and Papa, LLC. Call us at 973.574.1200 or simply fill a case form available on our website.