Construction Accidents Lawyer New Jersey


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Construction Accidents

Construction Accidents Lawyer New Jersey

If you are a responsible and safety-conscious construction worker, you should be aware of many dangers that are likely to happen at the work site. It is highly recommended that you follow precautionary measures and guard yourself with the recommended safety equipment. Never take unnecessary risks that could challenge the safety protocols put on site.

Unfortunately, however, you can still end up sustaining a great deal of injury while working, although you did everything correctly. At Corradino and Papa, LLC. our construction accident injury lawyers will assist you, either by reviewing the compensation system of New Jersey state workers with you or alternatively, helping you fight for a legal claim on your behalf.

Although construction sites are to some extent, very dangerous places to work, that does not absolve your supervisors of their responsibilities to ensure that employees are safe. And it does not also mean you could lose your right to fairness and justice if you happen to get hurt.

If you have been hurt as a result of a construction accident and you wish to want to speak to a personal injury lawyer about your situation, please call Corradino and Papa, LLC today at 973.574.1200 for a FREE CONSULTATION.

Some Causes of Construction Accidents

There are quite a number of means for even safety-minded workers to sustain grievous injuries on construction sites. Corradino and Papa, LLC. Personal injury lawyers are aware of these accidents, and we understand how to take care of and follow up the legal consequences of each of them.

A list of common construction site accident includes:

  • Burns
  • Chemical spills
  • Crane accidents
  • Electric shocks
  • Explosions
  • Falling materials, such as rock or brick
  • Scaffolding falls

These accidents undoubtedly pose a considerable amount of danger to the on-site workers. Many of our clients have suffered adverse brain injuries as a result of the construction accidents at their work sites.

Legal Options

Construction accident litigation is normally quite complicated a process, as there as there is a wide range of parties who could most likely be said to be in possession of some liabilities for your accident. That is why choosing the experienced and proven construction accident lawyers at Corradino and Papa, LLC. is quite significant. Your options after your accident will to a large extent be hinged on the laws of New Jersey. There are usually two approaches, most recommended by the laws of the New Jersey state. In New Jersey, for example, just about all worksite injuries and accidents must be managed via the compensation system of New Jersey state workers. This poses a difficulty in pursuing a personal injury case through the courts, though certain situations would permit such a suit.

On the other hand, there could be personal injury actions which are based on workplace accidents in more serious situations. Corradino and Papa, LLC. personal injury lawyer in New Jersey understands all the relevant legal proceedings and laws. If the recommended proceeding for you is a workers’ compensation claim, then we will help you to understand and also navigate the system.

But, if a personal injury claim is what is most appropriate, then you confide in our years of experience with more challenging construction accident cases. If you have suffered an injury in the course of a construction and you find yourself in need of a specialist personal injury lawyer, feel free to contact Corradino and Papa, LLC. for a FREE CONSULTATION today.